eSIM that works for IoT

Bridging MNOs and OEMs for a highly efficient and secure communication channel

About helps MNOs, OEMs, and IoT service companies to make great improvements in IoT connectivity, by enabling cellular IoT at much lower cost, much higher efficiency and flexibility with one unified deployment fitting for all devices,  aiming to build an efficient and secure communication channel between MNOs and OEMs.

By handling remote SIM operations including the on boarding and provisioning of eSIM devices in a fast and automatic way,  it navigates the complexities of IoT rollout is on a mission to deliver eSIM as a service.


eSIM that works for IoT, future-proof way of remote SIM provisioning.


enabling consumer eSIM infrastructure for IoT use cases.


lower investment by deploying once, fitting for all devices, and no more hassle of SIM lifecycle management.


more control of the network profile and grow a new breed of connected devices,  (automotive, industrial and consumer).

eSIM + IoT service providers

Simplified, flexible, scalable and fast-time-to -market IoT rollout.

"What really exciting is that now eSIM really works as a service ! Try for your first taste of eSIM, and unleash the power of the real efficient and secure communication channel between carrier and OEMs"
Hui Jin
Idea giver and CEO

A hybrid combination of eSIM and ES

a. eSIM as a ServiceA complete suite of subscriber connectivity solutions, bridging MNO and OEMs for an efficient and secure communication channel, for highly efficient and scalable massive IoT deployment.

b. enabling consumer eSIM infrastructure for IoT use cases: deploy once, fitting for all devices, saving a large amout of investment for MNOs and enable highly efficient massive IoT deployment when connecting a new breed of IoT devices.

c. A secure and fast IoT onboardingplug & play set-up with bootstrap profile,  fast-track onboarding and highly responsive technical support.

d. More potential value-added service : by helping MNOs configure mobile network functionality, there is more value-added service to explore the offering combining eSIM and ES including: ID, security, 5G slicing etc.

Digitized e-SIM provisioning


  • Hybrid eSIM management for Consumer or IoT  device with eSIM management via web portal.
  • The mainstream future-proof technology with a large number of tier-1 MNOs, OEMs including Apple, Google, Samsung and IoT service providers offering eSIM subscriptions.
  • Worldwide IoT connectivity stand and specification  and opportunity by GSMA: With 2 billion devices expected by 2025, covering over 60 countries worldwide.
  • Increase ARPU for MNOs and IoT service providers: eSIM brings mobile connectivity to a far wider range of devices across both consumer and industrial sectors.

ES:every MNO will need an Entitlement server

  • A highly-effective and efficient way to manage subscriber authentication and configure service settings over-the-air across all devices from a single, efficient platform. 
  • To increase ARPU by connecting to a new breed of devices with one mobile account for multi-SIM management.
  • Next-Gen Qos network and quick integration with IoT applications, to expand their businesses into emerging markets such as automotive, wearables and consumer electronics.
  • Innovative user experience without SIM card, without visiting the real store, pay-as-you-go data package for consumers and pay-as-you-grow data service for IoT devices.

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