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We are an end-to-end solution for MNOs/MVNOs/OEMs is a complete eSIM solution developed by Redtea Mobile with Mobile (Virtual) Network Operators, Device OEMs, and Chipset/Module manufacturers in mind.

Certified by the GSMA and having served industry giants such as Apple and Samsung, we are committed to providing our customers with end-to-end eSIM solution bundles that include the best services. We have been trusted by big names like Qualcomm, which only serves to highlight our capabilities.

With, our customers can fully leverage eSIM technology and features like Remote SIM Provisioning Platform, Entitlement Server, Mobile Carrier App, and eSIM IoT Solutions to provide the best service to subscribers, improve customer acquisition, reduce CAPEX and OPEX, form new partnerships, and drive revenue growth.

We are committed to providing our customers with a packaged connectivity service that is flexible, reliable, scalable, and simple to use by taking care of the complicated details of communications infrastructure and how cellular networks work.

Meet the Team

Dr. Hui Jin

Co-Founder & CEO

Xiaodong Guo

Head of Global Strategy

Gary Liu

VP Business Development

Rajat Shukla

Global Sales Director

Louis Chan

Pre-sales Director

Sayon SinhaRay

Marketing Director

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