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Remote SIM Provisioning Platform

eSIM Plug-in for Mobile Operators available with SaaS and Managed Service Model


GSMA SAS-SM Certified Platform.

Integrates with simple API to your CRM system.

Supports Multiple Use Cases like GSMA Root DS, eSIM Transfer, and Carrier App.

Encapsulated with Entitlement  and Web-Sheet Server.

Future Proof with update like 5G.

High Availability & Scalability.

Advantages of RSP Platform

: Digital eSIM plug-in for Mobile Operators

Faster to Market

End-to-End eSIM Support

Fully Digital Customer Experience

Reduced RIsk

eSIM Lifecycle Management on your Fingertips

Interactive eSIM Platform GUI for Mobile Operators

Entitlement Server

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The, Entitlement Server is an invaluable ally in ensuring that the network is ready to accommodate any device type and feature requests.

With this robust technology, mobile handsets used in VoWi-Fi and VoLTE services can be assured of the connectivity they need, while wearables, smartwatches and tablets are activated through eSIM.

Additionally, web-sheets are readily available for a seamless onboarding and activation process of the entitlement server – providing users with a personalized experience catered to their device’s capabilities.

Entitlement Server Features: For wearables and Companion devices

device support, mobile, tablet-2158476.jpg
  • Multi SIM/One Number
  • Standalone SIM
  • eSIM Transfer
  • iPad eSIM activation
  • FaceTime and iMessage Registration
  • VoWiFi
  • VoLTE
  • Tethering Entitlement
  • Watch eSIM Account Transfer
  • Better 5G User Experience for Apple Devices (iPhone & Apple TV)

Benefits to Mobile Operators

Entitlement Server is a valuable tool for mobile operators, allowing them to connect different devices with interactive subscription plans wholly tailored to each user.

With real-life use cases like eSIM transfer, Entitlement Server makes life much easier for users who may have lost their device or are transitioning from old to new.

Another helpful feature is Multi-SIM (One Number), which allows handsets and companion devices like smartwatches to share the same mobile number; is a must-have feature for any mobile operator looking to provide an effortless service.

eSIM Mobile Carrier App is the New Shop

  • Digital Onboarding: The customer acquisition and conversions are done fully in-app.
  • No QR Code Required: eSIM activation immediately after customer orders.
  • Identity Verification: Eases KYC process & customer engagement.
  • Customizable: It can be customized as per the mobile operator’s business model.


Download Mobile Operators’ Self Care App from Store


Complete Registration


Select the Subscription Plan


Pay and Confirm for eSIM Download


eSIM Downloaded and Connected to Network

 IoT Solutions

Together we can support IoT


  • Future-Proof Technology: Based on the new GSMA eSIM architecture SGP.31 (IoT).
  • Save on OPEX: No maintenance for unnecessary network elements, e.g., SM-DP & SM-SR.
  • Save on CAPEX: One investment in Remote SIM Provisioning for both Consumer and IoT devices.
  • Adopt with Turnkey Solution: Extensive Solution and Software deliverable upon request for device management and remote configuration.
  • Develop your IoT Ecosystem: With, you can leverage the ODM/OEM chain advantage with a rich stock of numerous device makes.
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