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  • Can I use RedteaGO eSIM service?

  • In what scenarios can RedteaGO eSIM service be used?

  • How to purchase RedteaGO eSIM service and add it to my iPhone?

  • What payment methods does RedteaGO eSIM support?

  • How fast is the network speed?

  • Are voice call and SMS included?

  • How to use dual SIM on iPhone and set up your cellular plan with eSIM?

  • Should I switch on Data Roaming when using eSIM?

  • What should I do if I receive the pop up message for 'Uncertified Data Plan/Uncertified Cellular Plan' after complete 'Add Data Plan'?

  • How to remove the RedteaGO eSIM data plan after use?

  • How long should I wait for RedteaGO eSIM to ship after payment?

  • How is the validity period of the plan calculated?

  • May I know how to check the balance of remaining data?

  • Can I have multiple phones scan a same QR code?

  • Should I switch on Data Roaming when using eSIM?

  • If I lost my eSIM QR code, what can I do?

  • Will my physical SIM still work while eSIM is installed?

  • Is the purchased plan available for refund?