+ OEM

lower investment by deploying once, fitting for all devices, and no more hassle of SIM lifecycle management. +OEMs

For OEMs, what does is: it creates a strong sense of consistent end-user experience, and reluctance to switch to a competing device maker’s ecosystem. And It bridges MNO and OEMs for an efficient and secure communication channel for long-tail business models.

Are you a consumer or IoT OEM?


hybrid eSIM service with remote connectivity and device management and pay-as-you-grow data packages.

User Ex

automated IMS configuration, first taste of eSIM, remote onboarding and provioning of SIM.

Quick GTM

eSIM as a service with digitized SIM lifecycle, automated connectivity and management and global data service.


a secure channel between operators, OEMs and devices, ensuring standard security level certified by GSMA.

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