+ MNO

more control of the network profile and grow a new breed of connected devices on a large scale in a fast, secure and scalable way. + MNOs

For carriers, what does is:

to help connect a new breed of device gadgets, with one mobile account, multiple companion device configuration is automatically and highly-efficiently configured, with advanced network features and use cases, and helps reduce subscriber churn as well.

Values for MNO:

  1. more control of the network profile and grow a new breed of connected devices, (automotive, industrial and consumer devices etc).
  2. enabling cellular IoT connectivity at super fast, highly secure and  greater flexibly scalable way in Massive IoT deployment.
  3. next generation connectivity enablement platform: Terminal and network synergy (TSE) enablement, to combine ES integration with eSIM capability, offering highly efficient and scalable massive IoT deployment.

Are you a carrier?

Hybrid combination of eSIM & ES

hybrid eSIM & ES to enable competitive service to address and disrupt fragmented IoT market landscape.

Quick and Scalable IoT Deployment

software-defined IoT connectivity make it into a programmable, flexible and scalable IoT for quick deployment.

One deployment for all devices

Deploy once and fit for all devices, with one account for multi-SIM management to save investment of MNOs.

Value - added Service for changing needs

addressing different customer needs based on software-defined cellular IoT enabled by for different IoT devices.

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