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Simplified, flexible, scalable and fast-time-to -market IoT rollout. for IoT Service Providers

For IoT companies, what does is: Drastically improve your global management and control capabilities with a single global IoT connectivity provider, eliminating multi-operator complexities – all at Cloud Speed.  

Are you an IoT company?

Competivite Service

hybrid eSIM & ES to enable competitive service to address and disrupt fragmented IoT market landscape.

Quick IoT Deployment

software-defined IoT connectivity make it into a programmable, flexible and scalable IoT for quick deployment.

Massive IoT Scalability

eSIM as a service to enable one mobile account, multi-SIM management and massive IoT device management.

Security Gurantee

security is guaranteed to serve operators, OEMs or integrate other IoT applications, like 5G applications etc.

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